Marginal Victims Unit: Two Bike Commuters Killed By Tourist Charter Buses During The Same Week In The Same Vicinity. A (dramatization)

Chelsea, Manhattan, New York

The Villager: Bus kills cyclist in Chelsea in Citi Bike’s first fatality

BY JACKSON CHEN | A Brooklyn resident was killed on Mon., June 12, when the Citi Bike he was riding collided with a bus on W. 26th St., between Seventh and Eighth Aves., police said.

Dan Hanegby, a 36-year-old investment banker, was on his way to work at Credit Suisse when he was struck by a charter bus at around 8:15 a.m., according to police. Police said the cyclist swerved to get around a parked van, fell off the bike, collided with a bus that was traveling the same direction, and was run over by its rear tires. Hanegby is the first fatality since Citi Bike’s start four years ago, according to a Citi Bike spokesperson.

Police said Hanegby was brought to Bellevue Hospital Center where he was pronounced dead shortly after. Police said the bus driver stayed on the scene and was not charged. The Daily News identified the Coach USA operator, who passed sobriety tests following the incident, as 52-year-old Dave Lewis from Poughkeepsie.

Christine Berthet, Transportation Planning Committee co-chairperson of Community Board 4, said that W. 26th St. between Seventh and Eighth Aves. — which does not have a bike lane — is often congested with vehicles, adding that buses shouldn’t even be allowed down that street.

“This bus should have never been on that street because this is not a truck route,” Berthet said. “Buses go everywhere and trying to control them and get them on the right track is very difficult.”

Chelsea Now: Two Deaths in Under a Week — and Calls for Charter Bus Changes in Chelsea

BY JACKSON CHEN | Another cyclist died after being struck by a charter bus in Chelsea on Sat., June 17, less than a week following a similar incident a few streets south.

At around 1:30 p.m., Michael Mamoukakis, an 80-year-old Chelsea resident, was traveling south on Seventh Ave. when he was struck by a charter bus making a right turn onto W. 29th St., according to police.

Police added that responding officers found Mamoukakis on the ground with “severe body trauma” before he was transported to Bellevue Hospital and declared dead. According to police, the driver remained on the scene and the NYPD’s Collision Investigation Squad was handling the ongoing investigation.

The death of Mamoukakis follows a Mon., June 12 incident where a Brooklyn resident riding a Citi Bike was also killed by a charter bus. Dan Hanegby, a 36-year-old investment banker from Brooklyn Heights, was swerving to avoid a parked van when he collided with a charter bus and was run over by the rear tires, according to police. Hanegby was Citi Bike’s first fatality since its start four years ago.

With similar cases happening just days apart, Councilmember Corey Johnson is rallying for more attention to the issues. On the same day as Mamoukakis’ death, the councilmember released a statement calling for an emergency meeting to include the city’s Department of Transportation (DOT), the NYPD, elected officials, Community Board 4 (CB4), and representatives from charter bus companies operating in Chelsea and West Midtown. According to the councilmember’s chief of staff, Erik Bottcher, the meeting is tentatively scheduled for Mon., June 26.

This is a quite a disturbing coincidence. Yet both drivers of those massive buses were found not at fault.

The first casualty got a lot of notice more for his use of the rideshare provider CitiBike than his horrific and preventable death. But the initial report sounded so minor and trivial and purely put blame on the victim. Apparently, Hanegby was riding east down 26th street when he noticed the obstruction, the illegally double parked van, and naturally swerved around it and a second later wound up crushed by the buses back wheels. Reportedly his decision to look the other way for some reason, like he was distracted by something compelling, cost him his life. The official police report has changed since the initial one and the investigation is fortunately ongoing.

The second casualty, an 80 year old man was heading south towards 29th street when the bus careened into him as it was turning west at the intersection, killing him instantly. The block is also restricted against trucks.

As a career cyclist with some expertise on road usage and etiquette, these buses were driving fast to beat these riders to get ahead of them to avoid being inconvenienced, and were probably breaking the speed limit to do it. The bus driver surely saw Hanegby in his sight because he was already at the middle of the block before he got crushed and certainly Mamokaukis, being 80, could not have been riding that fast at all and the bus driver at 7th avenue must have been making quite a wide turn to get to 29th street, which has a big hotel at the end of the block. It’s possible that because of the difficult turning maneuver steering a giant bus, he did not see him at all, but he surely drove fast enough to run the victim over.

The thing is that because of the humongous amount of tourism in the past decade, which the city in the recent past and present bragged that it is around 5 billion, which makes it a billion short of the total population of Earth, that these buses are given a huge amount of leeway that these two bikers are just considered unfortunate deaths but more like collateral damage for the over-saturation of hotels built in the 5 to 6 block radius from 26th to 30th streets to 6th to 8th avenues. And that area has seen such an influx of massive buses that the city granted the charter industry with their own bus depots on the same spot as the public blue lines. The tourist industry has become a big revenue generator for the city and state economy and it seems too big to fail and to big to regulate safety provisions to curb their recklessness.

Hopefully I am and will be wrong, but the way this city and our current and last administration as willfully and continues to kneel to real estate, and with the gruesome death of a woman cyclist in the East Village a month ago in the bike lane, it doesn’t look that encouraging. The only way justice might be meted out is if one of these charters gets hijacked and is used for a terrorist attack and hits a group of tourists riding rentals or mows down a herd jaywalking in the street heading for Penn Station.

It’s harsh and far-fetched, but the only time action is taken is when someone has to get killed. Which is truly why the deaths of these 2 bike riders and the way it was marginally reported so baffling and distressing.

And also how the charter bus industry glides under the radar of Vision Zero and is not bound by traffic restrictions or violations at all.



New Bad Days 12: Rumbles In Coney Island, Vision Zero Vigilantism, And Ultraviolent Subway Crime, Sexual Deviancy And Preying On The Elderly Escalate.


On Easter Sunday at Astroland Luna Park in Coney Island at 6 pm, a brawl broke out on the boardwalk that culminated with a group of teenage boys ganging up on one kid lying on the ground, stomping him with kicks and leaving him with a punctured lung. 90 minutes later, another brawl broke out with gangs of kids culminating with one of them tossing a bottle blindly in the air and landing on and lacerating a woman’s head. Panic and chaos ensued as thousands scrambled for safety after someone claimed that there were shots fired.

A 69 year old man was hit by an errant vehicle in Ditmas Park

A drug deal dispute led to a man getting stabbed in the chest and a argument allegedly over a woman led to a man getting shot in Canarsie.

Trying to thwart a drag race and catch a car thief in Flatbush, a plain clothes cop was dragged down the street by the suspect who stepped on the pedal as Officer Raymond Buono was trying to retrieve the keys. After regaining control of the car and being assisted by other cops, two friends of the skel tried to intervened with the arrest and wound up getting cuffed. The NYPD did a stellar job here, despite the lame attempt by the woman to feign witnessing abuse and brutality.

Also in Ditmars, A contractor set a home on fire for improperly and illicitly operating a blow torch on the roof

At an apartment building in Fort Greene, a man plunged to his death trying to rappel down out a window with ugly bedsheets attempting to flee the cops for a spate of robberies he committed. The fool documented his travails, crimes and his final evasion on a social media live streaming service.

In Midwood, two burglars broke into a synogogue, mercilessly beat up a caretaker with a broomstick, leaving him bloodied on the floor and robbed him of his wallet, cellphone, and laptop

Shots were fired inside a grocery store in Red Hook after an argument was instigated by the suspect accusing one of the deli workers of touching his car. The worker, Maged Noman tried to eject him from the store, the suspect pulled out a gun and shot him, when his co-worker, Raymond Falu tried to aid the victim, got shot also.

On an intersection in Bay Ridge, a bicycle rider was hit by a car. The driver sped off.

On a street in Bushwick, where market rate rents are $3000 for a one bedroom crawl space in the same area where working families are struggling to keep up paying their stabilized rents, an territorial argument between an entitled biker and impatient driver over a lane of traffic leads to the biker getting his arm broken when the driver and his passenger beat the daylights out of him after the victim obstructs the car’s path, insults their breath and self-righteously rebukes them for not recognizing his right of way. (You be the judge, this guy is a hipster douche and street stupid)

In a correlating rebuke to the proposal to shut down Rikers Island, in a borough jail in Kings County, the Brooklyn Detention Complex, a correction officer was dragged down the stairs and beaten by 3 gang members at 12 in the afternoon.


At Macy’s in Herald Square, a shoplifter trying to loot designer bags, attacked 3 security guards with a hypodermic needle, claiming he had the AIDS virus.

A 79 year old woman was attacked as a mentally ill homeless man hit her in the face during a walk in Central Park at 5 in the afternoon.

At the high end Time Warner Center mall at Columbus Circle, a pervert followed a young woman into the second floor ladies restrooms and slithered like a eel into her stall under the spacious dividing wall, stood up in front of her with his pants down. That is a new one.

An elderly man randomly attacked two people with punches and 3 people, two woman and one man were fighting for and with a crutch in Kips Bay

A very stupid man from Stuyvesant Town invited a group of 7 men to hang at his apartment was subsequently beaten down and robbed of his valuables by them.

At a gas station in Inwood, a brawl broke out over someone cutting in front of two other customers which degenerated into shooting guns and a bullet wound up hitting a bystander operating a food cart.


And two bikers are robbing cellphones out of people’s hands in Midtown. Naive and impressionable people who are under the false sense of security hearing the repeated comparisons of crime rates of 25 years ago to now from our elected and appointed officials.


In Yonkers (yes, it’s not in the borough, but it’s close, same with Westchester), A 19 year old was stabbed to death at movie theater in the Ridge Hill shopping mall after a fight with the suspect in the lobby.

In Mount Eden, a man on parole got shot in the butt and died when the bullet traveled to his abdomen.

At a church in White Plains on Easter sunday, a crazed man was caught possessing a bb gun and a boxcutter before services started at 9 am

In Melrose, a man tried to rob a laundromat but grabbed a fire extinguisher damaging security cameras instead.

A cab driver, Ozone Park resident Hakirat Singh, picked up 4 inebriated customers in Manhattan on 30th st. and 8th avenue and drove them to East 165th street by Morissania. As he reached the destination, the passengers started badgering him about directions and starting yelling racial slurs and banging the partition. He pulled over to get rid of them and then one of the derelicts proceeded to damage his car by breaking his meter and punched him in the arm and stole his turban.

A 2 month old boy was beaten to a pulp at an apartment building in Mount Hope. This was discovered after 4 prior visits by the Administration Of Children Services.


A man committed suicide by immolating himself in his car on the Cross Island Parkway in Bayside.

At a special needs school in Far Rockaway, a rabbi, Samuel Hiller stole government funds worth 5 million dollars for personal expenditures, luxury items and to launder money to his other summer camps.

A lunatic randomly smacked an 18 year old woman and an 83 year old man on the streets of Jackson Heights

A Man was shot twice in the head and chest and died in Bayswater Park in Far Rockaway

A taxi driver was robbed and assaulted by a man and woman in Jamaica, after the woman hailed him in downtown Brooklyn to take her to her mixed income apartment building to ambush him and take him for his fare and cellphone.

On Yellowstone Blvd. in Forest Hills a 73 year old woman was assaulted and robbed of her purse by a woman in a grey hoodie.

At a McDonald’s in East Elmhurst, a teenage male was punched in the face by an African American man wearing a Ralph Lauren grey hoodie (Apparently, Grey is the new orange).

In Jackson Heights, a deviant man attempted to rape a woman after repeatedly punching her and fled when the victim fought back

Also in Jackson Heights, an 85 year old man was accosted by some man who inquired if he was American. The elderly man replied and the jerk accused him of attacking immigrants and then punched him in the eye with his glasses still on and knocked him out cold. The NYPD is not classifying this as one of those vaunted “hate crimes”. The victim,

During a financial dispute, two men were fighting inside a house in Howard Beach that spilled onto the sidewalk which led one of the brawlers to bust out his shotgun in the vicinity of a catholic school.

Staten Island:

A teenager got stabbed multiple times by his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend at a house party on Koch Blvd.

A pregnant woman got shot from crossfire on a street in Stapleton during a stroll with her mom and boyfriend.

Criminal activity on the worst fucking transit system in the world:

At the 14th street station on the F Line, Bonnie Currie was entering the train at 4:20 am and was molested on the platform by deranged stalker. After warding him off, the perpetrator proceeded to shove her onto the train tracks, leaving her with injuries to her  wrist, shoulder and femur.

On the D train line by Grand Concourse in the Bronx, a man accused a 64 year old commuter of filming him on his smart phone and assaulted him and attempted to steal his phone.

At Penn Station, commuters were scrambling for safety after a misunderstanding of gunfire going off when cops used a stun gun to detain a man.

At the Hoyt/Schemerhorn station, an idiot tried to bribe cops with 50 large so he can avoid paying the $2.75

At the Union Square station at 4:45 pm, a man groped a woman with his cellphone

A stupid fucking idiot was filming himself standing on the top of moving train cars on the N and W lines in Astoria.

On the L line heading to south Brooklyn, a serial thief slashes the pockets of sleeping passengers and steals their cellphones.

In a correlating rebuke to the proposal to shut down Rikers Island, in a borough jail in Kings County, the Brooklyn Detention Complex, a correction officer was dragged down the stairs and beaten by 3 gang members at 12 in the afternoon.

At the Holland St. station in Rockaway Park at 4:30 pm, two men having a dispute by the staircase escalated into a brawl leading to one of them being slashed in the face, arm and thigh.

A belated happy earth day and 4/20 citizens.

Marginal Victims Unit: Biker Succumbs To Injuries After Getting Crushed By A Box Truck In Fatal Incident On East 9th Street And The Dubious Investigative Conclusion


Photo From EV Grieve

On April 5th at 7:20 am, a woman was riding to work when she was cut off by a box truck in a merging bike and vehicle lane on the west corner of East 9th street and 1st avenue. She wound up underneath the back wheel of the truck and sustained critical head, leg and internal injuries that led to her death a week later.

Photo From @Kristi Adams

A few days after her death, the NYPD’s report by Detective Ahmad Nasser on the accident determined that the biker, Kelly Hurley, slipped as the truck driver crossed from the very right side of the street, colliding with the prone biker after her spill.

DNA info:

The 31-year-old cyclist who last week died of her injuries after being struck by a box truck on First Avenue had slipped and fallen off her bike before the fatal collision, according to an NYPD spokesman.

The truck driver made the left turn from the rightmost lane and did not have the crossover mirror required by city law for large trucks with front blind spots, the spokesman said. 

Kelly Hurley, a studio manager for the SoulCycle on West 27th Street, was approaching East Ninth Street as she traveled up the First Avenue bike lane when she fell off her bike, according to NYPD spokesman Detective Ahmed Nasser.

“She fell off the bike then slid under the truck,” Nasser told DNAinfo New York.

The box truck was making a left turn onto Ninth Street from the rightmost lane, cutting across four lanes of traffic before hitting Hurley, according to both Nasser and the Department of Transportation. The truck driver had come to a complete stop before making the abrupt left turn, said Nasser.

The driver received a summons for not having a crossover mirror, which is required on large trucks so that the drivers can see pedestrians directly in front of them that may otherwise fall in the driver’s blind spot, according to the Department of Transportation.

There is so much wrong with this assessment and conclusion that it defies belief. Especially the laws of physics.

First off, how did she slip? It was a sunny morning, so the asphalt was bone dry. The woman also is a professional biker being an instructor at a Soulcycle gym. And second, where was this truck located as the driver decided to make that sharp left to turn west on 9th? Third, how fast was he going since the impact was enough that the victim wound up under the back wheel of the truck?

Apparently after community outrage from the citizenry from a seemingly dismissive conclusion from the authorities, the NYPD offered up a clarification or what might be an update of the happenings that morning in addition to further investigating the driver’s recklessness.

DNA info: NYPD Plans to Recommend Charges for Truck Driver in Fatal Bike Collision

The NYPD’s Collision Investigation Squad plans to recommend charges against the truck driver who fatally struck 31-year-old cyclist Kelly Hurley at the corner of First Avenue and East Ninth Street, according to the unit’s commanding officer.

The squad, which investigates collisions to determine causation and possible criminality, has reviewed video footage of the April 5 collision that resulted in Hurley’s death and plans to recommend the Manhattan District Attorney charge the 59-year-old box truck driver who plowed into Hurley as she attempted to ride through a green light at the intersection.

The investigation is still ongoing, and ultimately the District Attorney’s office will determine whether the driver faces criminal charges, but the squad will do its best to hold him accountable, said Lieutenant Brian Reynolds at Tuesday’s Ninth Precinct community council meeting.

“It’s very tragic. I can only promise you that myself and my detectives will ensure that if we can hold the driver accountable, we will, but a thorough investigation has to get done first,” said Lieutenant Reynolds.

“My own opinion is, I’m going to be recommending the driver be held accountable,” he continued. “I can’t explain to you exactly what it’s going to be right now, but after what I’ve seen, he’s going to be held accountable, at least on my end from my office.” Reynolds said it was too soon to say what charges exactly the truck driver would face, though the squad has been evaluating whether the driver failed to yield. Reynolds also clarified comments made Monday by an NYPD spokesman who had said Hurley slipped off her bike prior to the collision. Hurley had intentionally dismounted the bike in an attempt to avoid the truck, Reynolds said.

“Ms. Hurley tried her best to avoid the truck, but unfortunately she couldn’t,” he said. “She put the bike down and slid underneath the truck, and the rear tires landed on top of her.”

I am no detective, but I am a lifelong bike rider who has witnessed and has been subjected to the reckless driving of stupid, distracted and territorial assholes of both vehicles and bicycles. And by the looks of this, going by personal and professional experience, the driver must have been speeding to get to the corner first and he would have not even bothered to look at the required mirror if he had one. Then there is the motive of the biker, how the hell did or even why would she put her down first if a truck was barrelling towards her from across the street? If she was aware of that, in the amount of time she allegedly put her bike down, wouldn’t she have just backed up to the sidewalk instead of remaining in the street? Or was it another case of wind force?

The second assessment seems as if to mollify all those concerned with the utter lack of justice and terrible indifference to the Ms. Hurley, and more like a preemptive defense hearing for the still unidentified box truck driver (Why won’t the NYPD disclose this information?).

Supposedly there is video footage of the incident before the collision. I was wondering that too when I read about this. If this guy cut across 4 lanes of traffic, he must have been speeding up 1st avenue and started to turn halfway on the block between 8th and 9th streets and then collided into the victim. So in conclusion, but without the necessity of forensics, Ms. Hurley had absolutely no time to slip or place her bike down. She only fell off her bike because she was hit by a truck. The speeding box truck by the reckless, selfish, foolish unidentified driver caused her fall by hitting her. Even the fact she had the right of way didn’t matter because of the fact that this idiot driver shot across the street in the manner of a bullet fired from a gun.

This was an act of involuntary and vehicular manslaughter.

Theoretically going by the way the cops assigned are treating this case, it seems to unequivocally a cover up to undermine this woman’s horrible and preventable death so it doesn’t negatively effect the stats of Mayor De Faustio’s Vision Zero Tunnel program, and some innocent person following the rules of the road and still getting unnecessarily killed will just stand in the way of claiming progress in road safety at future press conferences.

All one can do if anyone decides to commute by bike, which is constantly being promoted by the city, and going by these reports, is be aware of your surroundings at all times to the point of paranoia. Most of all, don’t put your bike down when a 2 ton vehicle comes careening from across the road or street.

Hopefully, medical procedures will advance were it will be possible to graft working eyes to the sides of the head like a fish, because that would have been the only way to see where this imbecile driver was coming from to evade getting slaughtered.

Vision Tunnel: The Persistent Failing Of Commuter Safety. guy on the left is either ashamed of the dubious success of Vision Zero or is a new sports mascot.

NY Daily News: Transportation department boasts record low traffic fatalities amid bump in pedestrian, cyclist deaths for 2016

The Department of Transportation on Wednesday touted a record low for overall traffic deaths last year, amid an uptick in pedestrian and cyclist fatalities.

Still, in the race to zero street deaths, 141 pedestrians and 18 cyclists died in 2016, up from 139 pedestrian and 14 cyclist fatalities in 2015.

The new year is also off to a grim start, with 10 11 people dying in traffic crashes — including seven pedestrians and a cyclist. By comparison, there were five traffic fatalities in the first 10 days of 2016.Since it’s start, the Vision Zero program has seen almost mixed success and failure in preventing injury and fatalities. But overlooked since it’s implementation is the societal and behavioral impacts, the shoddy unrealistic redesigning of the streets and an utter lack of enforcement, with the exception of the usual arbitrary quota traps. And now, in what can be like the chickens coming home to roost for traffic programs, there has been an alarming rise in vehicular manslaughter in the last few weeks.

All this hostile and callous behavior is pervasive despite that more bike lanes and pedestrian plazas have been painted and constructed to apparently no avail, except as a marketing ploy for higher rates in the new towers and renovated old apt. buildings in the trendy hot areas of Brooklyn/Queens. As these lanes have caused the streets to be less ample and has produced more gridlock. Although it provides a commuting alternative for more enlightened, hip or athletic types or for those who need to save 27.50 a week, it has robbed a lot of parking spaces for car owners and commercial deliveries. Most notably on Queens Blvd. which was tyrannically decided by the mayor despite the objections of the residents and even the community board.

The seething reaction to this was clearly in the air when I saw this riding up the newly painted lane last spring:


Despite the installation of wider sidewalks and pedestrian plazas, people are jaywalking more than ever, none worse than midtown Manhattan, as the areas are so crowded during the rush hours in the morning and evening people are walking in the streets, literally taking up 2 lanes of traffic. Compounding this problem is the defiant stupidity of being distracted by their phones.

Despite the lowering of the speed limit, there has been a dramatic rise in reckless driving and  hit-and-runs. The running of stop signs has become the norm in residential areas. Areas with perennial traffic problems at major intersections in all the boroughs have got seemingly worse. Exacerbated mostly by the president-elect’s demented intent to use his midtown lair during the transition of power, keeping his wife and kid there for the rest of the school year and possibly to still use it during his term, and the ludicrous Bruce Ratner/ Chinese oligarch funded metropolis being built in downtown Brooklyn.

But all is sunny in the Blaz’s New York as his press release states:

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that under the Vision Zero plan, New York City had its safest-ever year in 2016 with the fewest traffic fatalities ever recorded: 229, improving on the record of 234 set in 2015. Traffic fatalities have declined for three consecutive years, and are down 23 percentage overall since before Vision Zero began. With national trends showing traffic fatalities increasing over the last two years, the Mayor noted several other positive trends in 2016, including the success of street redesigns and a record-low number of fatalities among school-age children.

Mayor Big Slow thinks 5 less deaths is an improvement and then takes statistical liberties with the fact that fatalities went down 23% since the program began, which shows that deaths have been going down in slight increments, like the tally of the last year, which is nothing much to brag about, which only went down 2%. Although as much as I want to believe in our elected officials, even someone as immoral with no credibility on anything like the Blaz, there is something a tad bogus about these stats from their PDF. It doesn’t reveal the sources. Not the DMV, not the NYPD. This piqued my curiosity and also my constant skepticism of anything that comes from City Hall. So I went on an excursion, by using a very popular and lucrative search engine, to find out what were the NYC fatality stats from 2013 and I found something of interest.

Streetsblog: NYPD: 16,059 Pedestrians and Cyclists Injured, 178 Killed in Traffic in 2013

178. Which if is this actually correct, because the link to the files for these tabulations is eerily not available so it’s hard to tell if it was updated or underestimated by the NYPD, that would mean that since the start of Vision Zero in 2014, deaths went up 22%. It’s hard to tell where they got 299, which would mean 121 of the fatalities were passengers and drivers. Something stinks from the (giant dope) head about this.

One thing the PDF touts that our mayor and his crack p.r. farm team modestly didn’t is the meteoric rise in summonses. The amount of tickets being distributed clearly has not deterred scofflaw driving habits. Most intriguing is the amount of automated ticketing for speeding has went up 66 % in 2 years, while it has no record of the amount before Vision Zero started.

This is not lost on the citizenry, most of all to the sister of Hermanda Booker, 29, Rhondelle, of the latest casualty of a reckless selfish shithead:

Rhondelle believes that the city, rather than overinvesting in red light and speed enforcement cameras, should install surveillance cameras near dangerous intersections like the one where her sister was killed. “I feel that the city is more interested in generating money than protecting pedestrians,” she said.

NY Daily News

It might be an easy bet that it’s the former. Especially with the amount of spending going on for superficial infrastructure improvements for transients and tourists, extra lucre for the developers while 421a gets restructured for their benefit, police OT for surveillance of protests by Trump Tower (this will not stop), and staff for the mayor’s re-election campaign. Everyone else just better be aware of their surroundings to the point of extreme paranoia for the time being.

Update: As for the amount of summonses distributed, it’s readily apparent that it has not deterred reckless driving:


The woman was rushed to Kings County Hospital with non-life threatening injuries, according to an NYPD spokesperson who confirmed today that the driver, who remained at the scene, has not been arrested or issued any summons. The spokesperson also said that the NYPD’s specialized Collision Investigation Squad [CIS] had not been assigned to the case, speculating this was because the pedestrian’s injuries were “non-life threatening.”

So it’s demostrably clear that the NYPD’s handling of preventable incidents like these is not being treated with the severity it warrants, or perhaps a refusal too similar to the way that commanding officer in Greenpoint distinguished not so bad rapes from bad rapes. Which can only further enable more acts of reckless stupidity behind the wheel.